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My website loves you :D

2009-08-10 10:41:41 by mikedood

Hey ya'll, head on over to my new website for free win!
I update it daily with random trivia, and check out my blog as well! remember to bookmark for EPIC WIN.

fallout 3 kicks ass

2009-01-25 14:21:42 by mikedood

i love it when you get a game that you were never 'hyped up' for and its awesome. even though i was interested in buying it since it came out, i finally got around to it, (yeah i know im late to the bandwagon) and i wanted to tell everyone on the internet about it because you just care that much, dont you, internet peoples?

also, i wanted to show off this:

fallout 3 kicks ass

me and my friend saved a kid.

2008-12-18 12:13:23 by mikedood

so me and my friend were walking home, and we see this little kid who looks like hes looking for someone. theres noone else in sight, so we go up to him and ask him if hes lost. turns out he got split up from his grandma and couldnt find her.

so we helped him find his grandmas house, which turned out to be about a mile away, and she was really grateful when we came to her house with him. turns out he was autistic as well.

general point isnt that im a hero or anything, but wtf is a 4 year old autistic kid doing a mile away from his house on his own?!?!?!?!

stupid old bitch.

the best movie youve never seen

2008-12-17 11:17:12 by mikedood


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</div>visit the youtube page if you liked it plz! u dont have to comment or fave or anything, just visit :D

my 2nd comic

2008-09-01 15:33:21 by mikedood

iiiiiiiiiits a comic- its for GraveyardMemories's birthday.haaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday

my 2nd comic

comics, commissions and capibaras

2008-08-20 14:56:52 by mikedood

so im working on a webcomic now- its called 'alone with you' - its about a bunch of funny lil guys who get stuck in a 'blank dimension' - it basically explores the effects of intense boredom- something that most of the newgrounds userbase will understand :P -lol - im trying to think of some funny strips but i need a bit of inspiration :P

also, heres a link to my deviantart, where u can see all my pics- plz take a look :D and future comics. u can also find info on commissions- i do comics and pics for a relatively low price :P

also, capibaras are awesome. but just because i needed third c word in my subject thingy lol

heres a bit of a prototype for my comics- it needs a lot of refining, and a basic intro to the story, but its kinda funny :P --- go 2 my deviantart for the large, good quality version.

comics, commissions and capibaras

i am using ANGRYFAIC to show my angwiness.

so im audiosurfing rockstar cos im bored, (the nickelback song- if uve not heard it uve been livin undr a very large rock) and contemplating how it was completely ruined. not that the song was ruined, but more the experience of the song. i mean, at first, it was great. here in gweat bwitain we had rockstar on our compluters b4 the album came out. and we all thought it was totally rockin. but then the album came out, and they completly overplayed it on the radio, and now the final nail in the rockstar coffin is a dfs commercial. the song was on A FREAKIN SOFA COMMERCIAL. so now its dead. well, as i say, the experience is. ll i can hope for nw is that every1 will just let it die from the public eye with dignity, and in 5 or 6 years we'll all listen to it again and forget about the horrible corporate bullshite it became.


hurrah for kittens.

2008-07-04 16:51:02 by mikedood

yeah so as u can see my promise of finishing my thingy has.... not been fulfilled... ah well.
im currently starting on helping captainhams with sum character design for his new game VIRAL, its basically a lil' cell thingy going around infecting ppl--- it shud be fun! also, im watching season 2 of heroes, which has only just finished here in the uk----dm u american tv----- and i think every time the bad guy does the thing he shud give the good guy a kitteh cos that would b fun.

the procrastination proclamation

2008-03-15 08:19:18 by mikedood

after a period of flash neglect, i decided to dust off my desktop and have a go at a new animation. im not gonna giv up on this one though, ive drawn up a storyboard, and already made some concept designs and test animations. its not for pico day, although if i get a good reception ill consider doing a flash for our short ginger friend pico. noone is gonna read this currently unless my flash gets like, front page. which i think it has a good chance at if i really devote time to it. as i said, i will continue with similar flashes (maybe a series) if this one gets a good reception. and ill include bonus features, old concept art, etc. in the next one. for now, heres some basic designs ive just completed in like 2 mins.

the procrastination proclamation

cant be arsed

2007-09-23 12:42:19 by mikedood

hey d00ds (mainly paul yet again)
i completely cant be arsed makin a halloween flash. YAY!!!!! :3
anyways, heres a link 2 my deviant art page :
da page